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Bottom Line!

Please call to confirm shipping prices.

  1. No minimum order, No C O D's, sorry!
  2. We might not be there when you call.  We attend Hamfests just about every weekend and are sometimes traveling for several weeks at a time.
  3. People that expect an answer from your e-mail instantly, please don't use it.  We try to check it daily, however traveling makes it hard.  And we are tired of impatient people that live on there computers, and expect us to! 
  4. Shipping and handling fee includes; actual postage, insurance, shipping container and packing material.  These fees are not refundable upon returning goods.
  5. Bank cards accepted are MasterCard and Visa.   No discounts on Bank card orders.    
  6. Prices are subject to change without notice.  Just like gas!  We try our best to keep things up-to-date, but, read the next one.
  7. We are not responsible for type-o-graphical errors.  We aren't perfect, and since I place orders on Monday, unpack stuff on Tuesday, clean the bathroom on Wednesday, restock & repack on Thursday, drive all day on Friday, set-up and sell at Hamfests on Saturday & Sunday, I might not have things totally up-to-date on the web site.
  8. Merchandise may not be as pictured.  We might have had to put a similar photo in until we get a fresh picture taken.
  9. All prices are net wholesale.  Quantity discounts are available, with  prepaid Money Orders.  No discounts on bank card orders.
  10. All items are warranted by the manufacturer, however, we do the best we can to satisfy you, our customer.
  11. For technical information call 920-435-2973, or fax us at 920-562-2420.
  12. Dealer inquires are welcome.  All Dealers will provide us with state sales tax exemption certificates.
  13. We buy inventories and high grade overstock.  We do not buy seconds or scrap surplus.
  14. Connectors available of all shapes and for all planets.
  15. We reserve the right to hang-up on, yell at, slap silly, kick in the groin or dump ice down the back of, any customer, who proves to us, they desperately need it!

  16. When in doubt, give us a call.  If we are not there, leave us a message.  We've been in business since 1978, we're not gonna lie to you!


Tower Electronics Executive Staff  Dayton 2009


L to R     Bob KA9BXG, Chad (YUBA) N9PAY, Dan N9ASA, Jimmy KI7CX, Jill (the QBOD) KB9PZF, Gregg (Curley) K9ZZZ,

Mike KB9QAL,  Scott ( the big guy ) KB9AMM,  Mr. Bill KA9WRL, Kevin (Krevass) KB95NE & John (Fun Wrecker) WLFE

Also pictured: Duck Off on Cow!




In memory of our friend

Nils (Buck) Barto, N9PLJ  

Silent Key

8/4/1960 - 7/3/2009